About Us
Our History

Alberto, Roberto and "Le Torri" Family:


Our story begins in 1995, although Alberto can be considered a veteran of the business industry, working in the world of Tuscan and Florentine leather goods since 1983.

We Started our adventure with the store "Le Torri" in a beautiful town in Tuscany, San Gimignano, which gave us the chance to deal with Customers from all over the world.

Two ideas have animated our company: to sell a carefully selected, qualitative and reasonably priced product and to offer a professional service and a pleasant shopping experience to our customers.

Time has shown us that these were both good ideas: in fact, during these years we had the pleasure to keep contacts with lots of customers from all over the world; many of them were back to us more times and decided to purchase new products, or addressed their friends and families to meet us; sometimes they write us to simply greet.


We have always preferred to work with artisans, maybe not famous, but tied to our territory and so to the Made in Italy. Many, unfortunately, have ceased their activities during the years because of the Globalization, many others have resisted and they are still on our side in the Research and the Product development, making us so much proud.


We launched our first e-shop in 2000 but it was never properly developed, because the passion for the direct contact with customers has always prevailed.

On such a long path, the moment to integrate our Tradition with new tools has come. We will do it with a new idea: never losing the awareness of the importance of a contact with our customers.


We are ready to face this difficult market in our own way, with a special ambition: providing a "personal" purchase experience, where customers should be the "subject" and making the chosen product an emotional, practical, durable and affordable aid for those who buy it.

We are committed to offer a virtual place where is possible to find familiar faces, a family, and goods always linked by common threads: the passion for the product and the best quality / price ratio.

We would be also happy if our customers, as per our suppliers, became our partners, sharing with them an experience of life and purchase.